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Mallory and McNeill, "The Archaeology of Ulster".

The Archaeology of Ulster

This is an excellent overview of the archaeology of Ulster for the non-specialist reader, covering the Mesolithic, Neolithic, Bronze Age, Iron Age, early Christian and post-Plantation periods. The authors describe a large number of archaeological sites and buildings, and also consider whether the archaeological record supports the idea of an Ulster identity which is distinct from the rest of Ireland. The book is well illustrated with photographs, drawings and maps.

ISBN: 0853893535, about 350 pages, from: amazon.co.uk

Ian McBride, "The Siege of Derry in Ulster Protestant mythology".

The Siege of Derry

Ian McBride's book gives only a brief summary of the siege itself, and instead looks at the way that the Siege of Derry has been commemorated in Ulster since the relief of the city in 1689. He shows that the siege has been interpreted in different ways depending on the prevailing religious and political climate. The book is rather expensive, but it does give some very interesting insights into Ulster Protestant traditions over the years.
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ISBN: 1851822992, hardback, about 90 pages, from: amazon.co.uk

A.T.Q. Stewart, "The Summer Soldiers - the 1798 rebellion in Antrim and Down".

The Summer Soldiers

"The Summer Soldiers" is a readable and vivid account of the 1798 rebellion in Ulster, and of some of the Presbyterians who led it, such as William Orr and Henry Joy McCracken. The book is able to give more information about the rebellion in Antrim and Down, and about the people involved, than would be possible in a more general book about the rebellion. A.T.Q. Stewart uses contemporary diaries, letters and reports to capture the flavour of those hot summer days in June 1798.
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ISBN: 0856405582, about 290 pages, from: amazon.co.uk

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